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A document from 1990 states that at that time, a year after its inception, the AMIS association had issued approximately 800 membership cards, i.e. 800 addresses, with addresses including individuals as well as spouses and families. Thus the number of "physical" persons who were  members can be estimated at about 1200/1300. A great success, which also proves that there was an interest in the objectives of AMIS. Since then, the total number has been around 1,500 to 2,000 members, depending on the year.

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Thank you for your membership and support

The current issues   of the AMIS are primarily covered by membership fees and donations from the members, a contribution from an official body could not be achieved so far. It should be noted that the costs of the chamber music concerts are offset by roughly equivalent income from subscriptions and admission tickets. The accompanying trips will be charged to the participants at cost price.


So we would like to call on all music lovers, not only the followers of the Luxembourg Philharmonic, to join our circle of friends. 

The contributions are staggered as follows:

Individuals:  EUR 30,-
Families/Couples:  EUR 50,-

These amounts are to be transferred to the following  account:

               CCPLULL   LU57 1111 0938 5657 0000

For further, targeted initiatives to support the orchestra and its musicians, as set out in the latest version of the statutes, we need contributions in the form of donations from members, other private individuals and companies.

Important note: with effect from January 11, 2016, the d'Frënn vun de Lëtzebuerger Philharmoniker was granted the status of Association of Public Utility. This statute allows all private individuals to deduct donations to us from their taxable income under the conditions provided for by the Luxembourg tax law. Donors and patrons will receive written confirmation from  us of the amount donated, less the applicable membership fee (if not paid separately to the CCPLLULL account above). Similar regulations apply to donations from Germany, Belgium and France (please ask us for the relevant texts).

We have provided the following groups for donors and members:

Donor:    100,- EUR and more (plus membership fee)
Patrons:  300,- EUR and more (plus membership fee)

These amounts are to be transferred to the following  account of the association:

            CCPLULL   LU57 1111 0938 5657 0000

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