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Members, donors and patrons of the AMIS

A document dating from 1990 states that the association in the year following its creation counted about 800 ‘paying addresses’ i.e. either individual members, couples or families. This leads to the conclusion that in fact the number of ‘physical members’ can be estimated to have been around 1200/1300. Quite a success story in those early days!
Over the years and up to now, the number of members has fluctuated between 1500 and 2000 persons.

In order to cover operational costs, the d'Frënn vun den Lëtzebuerger Philharmoniker have to rely on membership fees, with no official body paying any grants to the association. Costs of the ‘concerts-apéritif’ are more or less covered by the proceeds of the season subscriptions and the entrance tickets. The so-called ‘accompanying trips’ are invoiced to participants at cost
The due fees were agreed upon by the most recent annual general assembly as follows:

  • individual membership:    30,- EUR
  • couples and families:          50,- EUR  

These amounts should be paid into the following bank account of the d'Frënn vun den Lëtzebuerger Philharmoniker:

                                                   CCPLLULL  LU57 1111 0938 5657 0000

For more targeted actions in favour of the Luxembourg Philharmonic and its musicians, such as mentioned in the new statutes (see appendix), we are dependent on donations by our members, by external music-lovers and/or companies.

Important notice: Since January 11th, 2016, the non-profit organisation “d'Frënn vun den Lëtzebuerger Philharmoniker” has been recognised as being of public utility, i.e. private donations have become tax-deductible, in accordance with the pertaining legal stipulations. To this effect, donors will receive a certificate indicating the amount of the donation, minus the amount of the relevant annual membership fee.

We suggest to consider two different categories of benefactors:

  • donors :      100,- EUR and upwards (+ membership fee)
  • patrons:      300,- EUR  and upwards (+ membership fee)

These donations  should be paid into the following bank account of the d'Frënn vun den Lëtzebuerger Philharmoniker:

                                                    CCPLLULL   LU57 1111 0938 5657 0000

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